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The new standard in online expense claim management

We enhance the expense claim process and make it up to three times faster than traditional methods. With our app the approval flow is quicker leading to faster payments and more satisfied employees. Just take a picture of the expense with your phone, add a description and send it! Together with a personal assistant we help you review expense claims. Learn what Reimburse-It does for your organisation and expierence it now with our free trial period.

What our customers say:

How it works:

Sarrah goes on a business trip. When she makes an expense she uses her smartphone to scan the receipts. She fills out a form and she sends her expense claim with the Reimburse-It mobile app. Our personal assistants audit expense claims made, filling out the blanks and send out notifications financial department when ready to be picked-up.

Case Study: Sarrah's business trips become easier

In 4 steps..

See what Sarrah does to create an expense claim with the Reimburse-It mobile appp in only four steps. Guided by our Reimburse-It mobile app she takes a picture of her expense and fill out the form.

Mobile app. screenshot Step 2: Select company

Select Company

Mobile app. screenshot Step 3: New expense

New Expenses

Mobile app. screenshot Step 4: Capture Receipt picture

Take a photo of your receipt

Mobile app. screenshot Step 5: Fill out form

Enter costs

.. we manage

Cindy sees the expenses that Sarrah makes with help of the notifications of our Reimburse-It online portal. In the online portal Cindy can approve or decline expense claims, see high resolution receipts and convert receipts of foreign currency into a single currency. Even when Sarrah is still in the middle of her business trip, her expenses are already processed.

Mobile with Reimburse-It app. and tablet with Reimburse-It portal side by side


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With our public API offerings it's possible to integrate Reimburse-It into your existing infrastructure. Through our partner network, we can also provide you with ERP management software for small- to middle- sized businesses. Drop us a line at


Reimburse-It is available now as Early-Bird mode. Experience the Reimburse-It app free of charge with our free trial period, valid for 2 months for 1 user or 1 month for 2 users. Reach out to us to request a quote or a custom trial period.

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Reimburse-It available in Goolge Playstore Reimburse-It available in App Store Reimburse-It available in Microsoft Windows Store