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We enhance the expense claim process and make it up to three times faster than traditional methods. With our app the approval flow is quicker leading to faster payments and more satisfied employees. Just take a picture of the expense with your phone, add a description and send it! Together with a personal assistant we help you review expense claims.

We offer:

✓ Realtime Reports
✓ Multiple Currencies
✓ Multiple languages
✓ Virtual Assistants
✓ Public API
✓ Integrations
✓ Applicant Reimbursements
✓ Automated Approval Rules
✓ Single identity
✓ Multiple Organization
✓ Excel Spreadsheet
✓ PDF reports
✓ Expense management portal
✓ Tax Tracking
✓ Approval workflow

Expense reporting:

Mobile app. screenshot Step 2: Select company

Select Company

Mobile app. screenshot Step 3: New expense

New Expenses

Mobile app. screenshot Step 4: Capture Receipt picture

Take a photo of your receipt

Mobile app. screenshot Step 5: Fill out form

Enter costs

Expense management: